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JOYROOM D-M201 Plus Quick Charge QC 3.0 PD 9V 12 Volt Power Bank 20000mah

29.99 JOD 24.99 JOD

PD-P26 PRODA Castel series 20000mah Power Bank

22.99 JOD 17.99 JOD

WUW U33 U33 40000mAh (3 Input) (2Output) Power Bank

Product details of WUW U33 U33 40000mAh (3 Input) (2Output) Power Bank Capacity : 40000mAh Input : 5V/2.1A(3 Input )/ip/micro/type c input Output :5V/2.1A(2Output) Colour : Black Size : 165*81*31mm
40.99 JOD 35.99 JOD

Small and Beautiful! XO-PR102 Metal Mobile Power Bank

Small and Beautiful! XO-PR102 Metal Mobile Power Bank PR102 metal mobile power supply black and silver two-color, aluminum alloy shell matte texture, small and beautiful grip is very comfortable, giving a calm atmosphere. In addition, the entire body is only a few digital embellishments, it looks clean and regular, very suitable for the business style of business people. PR102 adopts polymer A product battery scheme, the power of 10000mAh capacity is not imaginary, and the three-input and dual-output meet the charging demand.
19.99 JOD 11.99 JOD

XO PB38 Mini mobile power supply

Small body, great energy. Only iPhone half the size, simple body design, small volume, large capacity, polymer battery 5000mAh battery Capacity
10.99 JOD


Brand:XO Model:XO-PB68 power bank 13000mah Capacity: standard 13000MAH Battery: polymer Display: Digital Display Switch: button switch Material: Aluminum Shell+PC Material USB Port : 2USB Micro / TypeC input: 5V/2A PD Quick Charge TypeC output: 5V/3A USB output: 5V/3A (QC3.0)
21.99 JOD 13.99 JOD

PB69 Touch Digital Display Mobile Power Supply

XO-PB69 Touch Digital Display Mobile Power Supply PB69 Mobile Power Supply with Small Volume and Large Capacity of 10000mAh Precision Intelligent Digital Display with Small Volume and Large Capacity Easy to hold with one hand
16.99 JOD

XO-PB80 Mosaic Series Mobile Power Supply with Unique Style

Brand:XO Model:XO-PB80 power bank 5000mah Capacity: standard 5000MAH Battery: polymer Display: LED light shows power; 4 lights display, Switch: button switch Material: ABS USB Port : 2USB Micro input: 5V/2A USB output: 5V/2A .
11.99 JOD

XO new product PB40 has a mobile and practical power supply

1, capacity:10000mAh; 2, input: DC5V 2.0A (MAX), output: USB:DC5V2A; 3, shell aluminum alloy sandblasting anodizing, with LED power display; 4, high energy efficiency A+ grade polymer core. 5, compatibility: smart phones and 99% tablet computers; 6. optional colors: red, black and silver. 7. weight: 235 g;
17.99 JOD

XO-PB73 Dual Output Mobile Power Supply 10000mAh

Mobile power, in today's era of smartphones everywhere, in the trend of integration of smartphones, has become an indispensable necessities of life for people. It may not be used by people nine to five, but for travel, mobile game party, it is particularly important
14.99 JOD

XO-PB74 MiG Series Mobile Power Delicate Attack

PB74 MiG series is very compact and easy to carry, which can meet the daily emergency charging needs of mobile phones
11.99 JOD

XO PB90 Precision Digital Display Mobile Power Supply

XO-PB90 types of mobile power supply uses precise digital display, LED display power at a glance, PB90 uses sunburn process, comfortable and delicate feel. All three are dual-input and dual-output interfaces, of which PB90 is quite compact and portable. In terms of parameters, PB90 capacity is 10000 mAh . Input support 5V/2A, output support 5V/2A. Automatic identification of access devices, intelligent matching. It has multiple security protection and is more comfortable to use.
14.99 JOD

XO-PB85 Power Bank Wireless 13000mAh Fast Charge

PB85 wireless fast charging sucker mobile power supply, self-contained sucker, strong adsorption. It can be tightly integrated with mobile phones, charging without fear of slipping risk. It has 13 000 MAh battery capacity, supports wireless fast charging and QC3.0 wired fast charging, of course, it can also be charged wired + wireless at the same time Capacity: 13000mAhBattery: polymerDisplay: 4 lights display Switch: key switch Material: ABS-silicone Simple suction cup design 2.10W wireless charge Dual input. Four output TYPE-C PD two-way, USBQC3.0 fast charge Micro-Input: 5V/2A 9V-2A Type-C inputOutput: USB/ TYPE-C InputOutput: USB/Type-C DC5V-3A
25.99 JOD 20.99 JOD

XO-PB72 Digital Touch Film Mobile Power Supply 20000mAh

Power Bank Xo Original Bergaransi 20000 mAh Real Kapasitas dengan kapasitas yang sangat besar dan real jangan takut untuk ke habisan batrai hp di saat perjalanan anda. dan menggunakan Touch Digital Display kecangihan masa kini, dengan desain yang simple sangat nyaman di gengaman anda Barang di jamin Original dan bergaransi Brand : Xo Product Type : PB72 DISPLAY PORTABLE SOURCE Product Materials : ABS + PC Port USB : 2 Port USB Output : 5V - 2A Packing Dimansion : 175*100*30mm Display : Precise Digital Display Switch : Toch Switch Capaticy : 20000 mAh Color : Black & White Product Size : 123*70*26mm Characteristics : Digital Display,Comfortable feel
19.99 JOD


Temperature protection Over-voltage protection Over-current protection Short-circuit protection Instant Charging Battery Indicator Pro Specification: USB Output: 5V-2.0A Micro Input: 5V-2.0A Capacity: 2600mAh Output Interface: USB Input Interface: Micro Color: Black&white Product Dimension: 7.00 x 2.6 x 14.1 cm Product Weight: 390.3 kg Package Dimension: 9.5 x 3.00 x 17.6 cm Package Weight: 445.9 kg
21.99 JOD

BAVIN 10000mAh Powerbank Slim Size w/ Universal Dual 2A USB Port and Dual Input

Product details of BAVIN 10000mAh Powerbank Slim Size w/ Universal Dual 2A USB Port and Dual Input Brand: BAVIN Model: PC097 Capacity: 10000mAh Input: 5V-2A Output: DC5V-2A DC5V-2A Dual Input: Micro & iPhone USB Port: 2 Port Size : 7.5*2*14cm Weight : 200g LED Digital Indicator Color: White/Black
14.99 JOD

KING_KP PowerStation PRO 30000mAh

اشحن تلفونك من 8 إلى 9 مرات مع البور الروفر إصدار الـ PowerStation من مزودات الطاقة الأنيقة والمميزة من شركة KING_KP المعروفة بعراقتها وجودة منتجاتها ، واللي بتقدملك باور بانك بقوة 30000 ميلي أمبير مزود بشاشة رقمية ومدخلين من نوع USB للشحن بقوة 2.4 أمبير ومدخل من نوع TypeC لشحن الماك بوك والأجهزة الحديثة من خلال كيبل مباشر ، بالإضافة لمدخل Micro ومدخل Lightning لشحن الباور بانك عن طريق أي شاحن موبايل
30.99 JOD

Remax Power bank RPP-155 10000mAh Mini PowerBank Ultra Small

Product details of Remax Power bank RPP-155 10000mAh Mini PowerBank Ultra Small Power Display &Ultra Small Brand: REMAX Name: Mini Pro Power Bank Model No: RPP-155 Material:ABS+PC+Aluminum alloy Weight: 195g Capacity: 10000mAh (37Wh) Input: DC5V=2A Output: DC5V=2A Size: 105*45.8*22.5mm Color: Silver / Black / Blue
17.99 JOD


لعشاق الشحن السريع الـ KING KP XL راحتك بتهمنا وعشان هيك جبنالك الباوربانك KING KP System XL بقوة 10000 ميلي أمبير ومزود بشاشة رقمية ومدخل من نوع Type C لشحن الأجهزة الحديثة عن طريق كيبل مباشر ومدخل من نوع USB للشحن بقوة 2.1 أمبير للأجهزة العادية و 3.0 أمبير بخاصية Qualcomm للأجهزة التي تدعم الشحن السريع مع إعطاء إشعار بكلمة Fast على شاشة الباور بانك وإشعار بالهاتف عند بدء عملية الشحن .
18.99 JOD

Remax Radio Series Power Bank 20.000 mAh - RPP-102

بور بانك REMAX 102 مداخل عدد 4 بيشحن تلفونك من 5 الى 6 مرات Remax Radio Series Power Bank 20.000 mAh - RPP-102 - Supper powerfull and high end Battery Cell - Ellegant and special design - Circuit protections - Over discharge and overchage protection - Smart Power output - Input DC5V/2A - Output: 4x USB DC5V/2.4A - Capacity: Real 20.000 mAh / 74Wh
21.99 JOD