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JOYROOM JR-T03 Pro TWS True wireless earbuds

69.99 JOD 59.99 JOD

JOYROOM D-M201 Plus Quick Charge QC 3.0 PD 9V 12 Volt Power Bank 20000mah

29.99 JOD 24.99 JOD

Magnetic Mobile Phone Bracket H-CT312

14.99 JOD 9.99 JOD

WUW U33 U33 40000mAh (3 Input) (2Output) Power Bank

Product details of WUW U33 U33 40000mAh (3 Input) (2Output) Power Bank Capacity : 40000mAh Input : 5V/2.1A(3 Input )/ip/micro/type c input Output :5V/2.1A(2Output) Colour : Black Size : 165*81*31mm
40.99 JOD 35.99 JOD


The Bluetooth Headset HM-103 guarantees excellent audio quality while the clip features it lets you keep it up to you. Its range is 10m and its battery gives it 7 hours of talk time or music playback. It is compatible with tablets, smartphones and any Bluetooth-enabled device while supporting HSP (Handset Profile), HFP (Hands-free Profile), AVRCP, A2DP. It features a built-in function control key and multipoint technology so you can connect it in parallel with two devices and an out of range alarm with a luminous and aural warning on the handset. Specifications: Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.1 Supported profiles: HSP (Handset Profile) & HFP (Hands-free Profile), AVRCP, A2DP Range: 10m Talk time: 7 hours Standby time: 200 hours Charge time: 2 hours Multipoint mode: Connect 2 phones Vibration: Yes Play music: Yes Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery 100mA Antenna: Independent ceramic antenna Noise Reduction: CVC6.0 Operating frequency: 2.441GHz Material: PC + Matt Pain + UV Functions: Call, End call, Reject call, Repeat the last number, Play / Pause music, check the next / last track, Inbound call report Cable length: 35cm
14.99 JOD

Small and Beautiful! XO-PR102 Metal Mobile Power Bank

Small and Beautiful! XO-PR102 Metal Mobile Power Bank PR102 metal mobile power supply black and silver two-color, aluminum alloy shell matte texture, small and beautiful grip is very comfortable, giving a calm atmosphere. In addition, the entire body is only a few digital embellishments, it looks clean and regular, very suitable for the business style of business people. PR102 adopts polymer A product battery scheme, the power of 10000mAh capacity is not imaginary, and the three-input and dual-output meet the charging demand.
19.99 JOD 11.99 JOD

XO PB38 Mini mobile power supply

Small body, great energy. Only iPhone half the size, simple body design, small volume, large capacity, polymer battery 5000mAh battery Capacity
10.99 JOD

Proda Bluetooth Headset PD-BE500

11.99 JOD


Brand:XO Model:XO-PB68 power bank 13000mah Capacity: standard 13000MAH Battery: polymer Display: Digital Display Switch: button switch Material: Aluminum Shell+PC Material USB Port : 2USB Micro / TypeC input: 5V/2A PD Quick Charge TypeC output: 5V/3A USB output: 5V/3A (QC3.0)
21.99 JOD 13.99 JOD

Original XO-NB54 Colorful Series 3 in 1 Micro+Lightning+Type

Product Description ■ Three colors are easy to identify, at a glance, saving time and effort; ■ High-quality aluminum alloy shell, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance and no rust. ■ The conductor is made of 0.08mm copper and has a charge of 59; ■ Main line 3A is charging at a very fast speed, and three devices are charged at the same time without pressure; ■ Going out for a trip to the party, the model is easy to solve; ■ High-intensity swing/plug test, which has a much longer service life than the market price line
9.99 JOD

Yesido C39 Telescopic Magnetic Car Phone Holder Stand

Yesido C39 Telescopic Magnetic Car Phone Holder Stand Windshield Sucker Car Mount Holder For Phone In Car Magnet Stand Holder
11.99 JOD

PB69 Touch Digital Display Mobile Power Supply

XO-PB69 Touch Digital Display Mobile Power Supply PB69 Mobile Power Supply with Small Volume and Large Capacity of 10000mAh Precision Intelligent Digital Display with Small Volume and Large Capacity Easy to hold with one hand
16.99 JOD

XO-PB80 Mosaic Series Mobile Power Supply with Unique Style

Brand:XO Model:XO-PB80 power bank 5000mah Capacity: standard 5000MAH Battery: polymer Display: LED light shows power; 4 lights display, Switch: button switch Material: ABS USB Port : 2USB Micro input: 5V/2A USB output: 5V/2A .
11.99 JOD

XO new product PB40 has a mobile and practical power supply

1, capacity:10000mAh; 2, input: DC5V 2.0A (MAX), output: USB:DC5V2A; 3, shell aluminum alloy sandblasting anodizing, with LED power display; 4, high energy efficiency A+ grade polymer core. 5, compatibility: smart phones and 99% tablet computers; 6. optional colors: red, black and silver. 7. weight: 235 g;
17.99 JOD

XO-PB73 Dual Output Mobile Power Supply 10000mAh

Mobile power, in today's era of smartphones everywhere, in the trend of integration of smartphones, has become an indispensable necessities of life for people. It may not be used by people nine to five, but for travel, mobile game party, it is particularly important
14.99 JOD

XO-PB74 MiG Series Mobile Power Delicate Attack

PB74 MiG series is very compact and easy to carry, which can meet the daily emergency charging needs of mobile phones
11.99 JOD

Xo BS10 Neckband bluetooth Earphone

Product details of Xo BS10 Neckband bluetooth Earphone Brand :XO Model :XO-BS10 Bluetooth earphone neckband sports bluetooth headset, hand-felt paint process, waterproof and sweat-proof; 100mAh polymer lithium battery, charging time about 1.5H working time about 7 hours Bluetooth version 4.2, lower power Colour :Black
21.99 JOD

XO-B32 Foldable Bluetooth Headphone Wireless Enjoying

1. Composite diaphragm high performance driving unit, high sound quality, high fidelity, high resolution; 2. Strong endurance of polymer batteries; 3. Stretching headwear design, foldable, easy to carry; 4. The earmuffs are designed with soft earpads and air permeability.
22.99 JOD

XO PB90 Precision Digital Display Mobile Power Supply

XO-PB90 types of mobile power supply uses precise digital display, LED display power at a glance, PB90 uses sunburn process, comfortable and delicate feel. All three are dual-input and dual-output interfaces, of which PB90 is quite compact and portable. In terms of parameters, PB90 capacity is 10000 mAh . Input support 5V/2A, output support 5V/2A. Automatic identification of access devices, intelligent matching. It has multiple security protection and is more comfortable to use.
14.99 JOD

XO-PB85 Power Bank Wireless 13000mAh Fast Charge

PB85 wireless fast charging sucker mobile power supply, self-contained sucker, strong adsorption. It can be tightly integrated with mobile phones, charging without fear of slipping risk. It has 13 000 MAh battery capacity, supports wireless fast charging and QC3.0 wired fast charging, of course, it can also be charged wired + wireless at the same time Capacity: 13000mAhBattery: polymerDisplay: 4 lights display Switch: key switch Material: ABS-silicone Simple suction cup design 2.10W wireless charge Dual input. Four output TYPE-C PD two-way, USBQC3.0 fast charge Micro-Input: 5V/2A 9V-2A Type-C inputOutput: USB/ TYPE-C InputOutput: USB/Type-C DC5V-3A
25.99 JOD 20.99 JOD

XO-PB72 Digital Touch Film Mobile Power Supply 20000mAh

Power Bank Xo Original Bergaransi 20000 mAh Real Kapasitas dengan kapasitas yang sangat besar dan real jangan takut untuk ke habisan batrai hp di saat perjalanan anda. dan menggunakan Touch Digital Display kecangihan masa kini, dengan desain yang simple sangat nyaman di gengaman anda Barang di jamin Original dan bergaransi Brand : Xo Product Type : PB72 DISPLAY PORTABLE SOURCE Product Materials : ABS + PC Port USB : 2 Port USB Output : 5V - 2A Packing Dimansion : 175*100*30mm Display : Precise Digital Display Switch : Toch Switch Capaticy : 20000 mAh Color : Black & White Product Size : 123*70*26mm Characteristics : Digital Display,Comfortable feel
19.99 JOD


Temperature protection Over-voltage protection Over-current protection Short-circuit protection Instant Charging Battery Indicator Pro Specification: USB Output: 5V-2.0A Micro Input: 5V-2.0A Capacity: 2600mAh Output Interface: USB Input Interface: Micro Color: Black&white Product Dimension: 7.00 x 2.6 x 14.1 cm Product Weight: 390.3 kg Package Dimension: 9.5 x 3.00 x 17.6 cm Package Weight: 445.9 kg
21.99 JOD

XO BS12 Sport Type Neckband Bluetooth Earphone

Brand : XO Model : XO-BS12 Neckband Bluetooth : V4.2 Battery : 240mah Polymer Battery Talk time : About 12hours Charging Time : About 2.5hours Applicable distance : 10m Color : White , Black
21.99 JOD

XO-B26 Business Bluetooth

11.99 JOD


Description Get a competitive edge over the competition with the XO S32 Headset with Mic. Simply plug the headset into your phone and hear deep bass sound and enjoy music anywhere you go. Key Features Model :XO-S32 wired headset The transformation of complexity into a new transformation; The outer circle of the deep bass is in the form of a strong. The voice of purity emanates powerfully; TPE wire is used outside the plate to ensure
16.99 JOD

UCOMX U32K Bluetooth Earphone

UCOMX U32K Bluetooth Earphone Wireless Headphone Ear Hook Bluetooth Headset with Mic Handsfree Earpiece for iPhone Huawei Xiaomi
20.99 JOD 15.99 JOD

BAVIN 10000mAh Powerbank Slim Size w/ Universal Dual 2A USB Port and Dual Input

Product details of BAVIN 10000mAh Powerbank Slim Size w/ Universal Dual 2A USB Port and Dual Input Brand: BAVIN Model: PC097 Capacity: 10000mAh Input: 5V-2A Output: DC5V-2A DC5V-2A Dual Input: Micro & iPhone USB Port: 2 Port Size : 7.5*2*14cm Weight : 200g LED Digital Indicator Color: White/Black
14.99 JOD

KING_KP PowerStation PRO 30000mAh

اشحن تلفونك من 8 إلى 9 مرات مع البور الروفر إصدار الـ PowerStation من مزودات الطاقة الأنيقة والمميزة من شركة KING_KP المعروفة بعراقتها وجودة منتجاتها ، واللي بتقدملك باور بانك بقوة 30000 ميلي أمبير مزود بشاشة رقمية ومدخلين من نوع USB للشحن بقوة 2.4 أمبير ومدخل من نوع TypeC لشحن الماك بوك والأجهزة الحديثة من خلال كيبل مباشر ، بالإضافة لمدخل Micro ومدخل Lightning لشحن الباور بانك عن طريق أي شاحن موبايل
30.99 JOD

Bluetooth Earphone Sports In-ear RB-T10

Features: • Remax RB-T10 Bluetooth earphone is only available for the right ear. • Ultra-light design. Craving for it. Enjoy music with Remax T10. • Ear-lock Structure / Light Weight Design / HD Microphone Specifications: • Style: Bluetooth Earphone • Bluetooth Version: V4.1 + EDR • Bluetooth Chipset: AB1511 • Colour: Black, White • Ambient Noise: 90bdB • Frequency Range: 2.402 – 2.480GHz • Charging Time: Around 2 Hours • Standby Time: Around 110 Hours • Talking Time: Around 4 Hours • Battery: 55mAh/3.7V (Rechargeable Lithium Battery) • Net Weight: 7g
14.99 JOD

Remax Power bank RPP-155 10000mAh Mini PowerBank Ultra Small

Product details of Remax Power bank RPP-155 10000mAh Mini PowerBank Ultra Small Power Display &Ultra Small Brand: REMAX Name: Mini Pro Power Bank Model No: RPP-155 Material:ABS+PC+Aluminum alloy Weight: 195g Capacity: 10000mAh (37Wh) Input: DC5V=2A Output: DC5V=2A Size: 105*45.8*22.5mm Color: Silver / Black / Blue
17.99 JOD

XO-B20 Bluetooth Earphone

• Brand: XO-B20 • Bluetooth version: V4.1 • Bluetooth range: 10m • Music time: About 4 hours (80% volume)
11.99 JOD

XO B16 Mini Bluetooth Earphone - Black

Multimedia support: listening to music and movies with 360 degree stereo effect 4h calling time and 4h music time Super lightweight, smooth and silky experience on wearing Distance: upto 10m, Bluetooth version V4.1; Support A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP; Capacity 60mAh; Response: 50+-20K Hz; Power: 3.7V Battery: Polymer
11.99 JOD

XO-B28 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

XO-B28 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Earphone Bluetooth XO B28 ■Excellent sound quality business assistant; ■ 110mAh polymer lithium battery, extra long standby, 6 hours of use time; ■bluetooth 4.2 version, 2 power Voice prompt in English, intelligent and compatible connection; ■Easy control, easy switch; ■Color: black and white
11.99 JOD

REMAX RM - 805 Wired Headset Music Over-ear Headphone - Black

Wired Headphone RM-805 High quality sound. Over-ear design, foldable & light weight Built-in microphone with Volume controller Polyester woven cable, durable and free from cable winding Specification General Brand: REMAX Model: RM - 805 Type: Over-ear Material: ABS,Metal Wearing type: Headband Product Details Compatible with: Computer,Mobile phone Connectivity: Wired Driver unit: 40mm Frequency response: 20-20000Hz Impedance: 32ohms±15 percent Plug Type: 3.5mm Sensitivity: 112dB Dimensions and Weight Product weight: 0.1590 kg Package weight: 0.3100 kg Product size (L x W x H): 20.00 x 6.00 x 15.00 cm / 7.87 x 2.36 x 5.91 inches Package size (L x W x H): 23.00 x 7.00 x 17.50 cm / 9.06 x 2.76 x 6.89 inches
21.99 JOD

BAVIN BH 12 Universal Bluetooth Earphone w/ Finger Touch Controller

BAVIN 4.1 Universal Bluetooth Earphone w/ Finger Touch Controller Product details of BAVIN 4.1 Universal Bluetooth Earphone w/ Finger Touch Controller Bluetooth Version: V4.1 + EDR Bluetooth: A2DP / AVRCP / Headset / Headsfree Frequency Range: 2402.0-2480.5MHz Working Range: 10M Sensing Range: 0-4cm Standby Time: About 80 Hours Charging Time: About 1 Hour Talk Time: About 6 Hours Music Time: About 5 Hours
14.99 JOD

Yesido C54 Magnetic Car Phone Holder Stand

Yesido C54 Magnetic Car Phone Holder Stand Dashboard Windshield GPS Car Mount Bracket Sucker Mobile Phone Holder Mobile Support Features: 1. Color : black 2. magnetic car phone holder windshield car mount. 3.Strong adsorption,360° rotation adjustment. 4. Easily operating, single hand operation,safe driving. 5. Designed holder, easily charging when holding mobile phone. 6.Multi-protection, strong magnetic car phone holder 7.Widely compatible for 3.8-6.4 inch devices.
11.99 JOD

XO-B30 Intelligint Touch Bluetooth Headset V5.0

XO-B30 Intelligint Touch Bluetooth Headset V5.0 Add to Wishlist loading Bluetooth Vesion-V5.0 Bluetooth Profile- AD2P AVRCP HSP HFP Working Freuency- 2.402Gz-2.480GHz Bluetooth Range 10M Music/Call Time- about 5H Battery- Lithium Battery 3.7V/70mAh Charging Input- Micro USB/DC5V-500mA Charging Time- About 1 Hours
14.99 JOD

Remax - RB-T15 - High-End & Business Headset

Remax - RB-T15 - High-End & Business Headset / Earpiece / Earphone / Headphone with Noise Cancelling Mic / HD Voice Genuine Headset Bluetooth Remax RB-T15 for all devices Bluetooth 4.1 version, wide compatibility, more faster connection, it could transmit stable signal in high speed. Memory earmuff, made by soft foam, more comfortable for long time wearing, suitable for sport, business man, and etc. Built-in 55mAh battery, durable life, it support almost 5 hours music time or talking time, convenient for daily life. Equipped with CSR8 chip, it could reduce the interference and restore the pure sound, provide you enjoyment of music. Key Features: Connection Bluetooth: V4.1 Frequency Response: 20-20KHz Impedance: 16 Ohm Sensitivity: 110+-3db Battery Capacity: 55mAh 3.7V Dimension: 51 x 13.8 x 9.15 mm Specification: Bluetooth Version:V4.1+EDR Profile:CSR8615 Frequency Range: 20~20KHZ Transmission Distance:10M Sensitivity: 110±3db Working Voltage:3.7V Charging Voltage:5V Size:51*13.8*9.15mm
14.99 JOD

Bluetooth Earphone Sports In-ear RB-T9

RB-T9 Bluetooth wireless headset is perfect for those looking to exercise, listen to music, driving up the phone to connect to two devices simultaneously. Lightweight and durable to use. Excellent noise cancellation technology makes voice is much clearer. With HD Voice technology provides excellent sound quality and crystal clear sound clarity with buttons for opening - and closing up - volume down on the side Support 4 Languages: English, French, Spanish and Chinese. Specification: Battery Type:Polymer Lithium Battery Capacity: 100 mA Battery Talk time:about 6 hours Time:about music 5 hours Time:up to 180 hours Stand-by Bluetooth Distance: 10m Charging Voltage: 5V Working Voltage: 3.7V Material: ABS+PC Transmitted Power: Class 2 Working Frequency: 2.402-2.480GHz
11.99 JOD

Lenyes A5

Bluetooth version:bluetooth V4.0 charging time:1.5 hours play music time:8 hours calling time:10 hours noise reduction:18dB frequency:2.4GHz standby time:200 hours working distance:10 meters
16.99 JOD

Moxom KH-63 4 Socket 6 USB Port Intelligent Power Wall Charger

Moxom KH-63 4 Socket 6 USB Port Intelligent Power Wall Charger MOXOM USB Power Socket 4 Outlets 6 Port USB Model: KH-63Y Rated Current: 10A Rated Voltage: 100 - 240 V Rated Power: 2500W USB Output: 5v - 3.4A(MAX) 17W Output Port: 4 Sockets 6 USB Size: 147 x 117 x 34 mm Power Cord: 1.5M -Wire core get thicker ( Cross-sectional area is larger, Small resistance, Conductive Saver ) -PP Fire-Proof Material Shield -Long Life To Plug In ( No Looseness ) -High Quality Copper Sheet -Meshing Technology
17.99 JOD

Car Wireless Charger S5 Smart Sensor

Electromagnetic induction design, just put down your phone and it will charge automatically. It will be locked via gravity linkage system. offer uninterrupted power in bumping roads; Can intelligently identify your device and match the best current for your device. Built-in intelligent chip provides high temperature protection, over voltage protection, electromagnetic field protection, over power protection, short-circuit protection and more to ensure the safety of you and your device. The upgraded interior triangle structure lock the smartphone firmly, even if road is awful, the phone won't fall off. Simply clamp the air vent, easy to loading and unloading; The upgraded slip mat at clamp part provides good anti-skid performance. Input: 12-24V / 2.4A Output Current: 5V 2A / 9V 1.7A Installation: Air Vent Mount Fit for: 4.0 inch ~ 6.5 inch Mobile Phones With Wireless Charging Function
14.99 JOD


وهلا تلفونك كله صار عالشاشة مع دونجل Chromecast الذكي اللي بتقدر عن طريقه تعرض شاشة جهازك بالكامل على شاشة البيت شو ما كان حجمها من خلال ربطه عن بعد ليقدملك تجربة رائعة بمشاهدة أفلامك المميزة بتقنية 4K للفيديوهات والأجهزة المدعومة وبجودة HD لجميع الأجهزة المتوفرة ، بالإضافة لسرعة 128 ميجابايت بنقل البيانات من الموبايل أو اللابتوب للشاشة المنزلية .
16.99 JOD

سماعة البلوتوث Remax RB-T12

Remax RB-T12 Mono Bluetooth Wireless Retractable Clip On Headphone 1. Ergonomic Design, more comfortable for long-time wearing, and it could prevent the outside interference. 2. Intelligent voice prompt, it would indicate you about the state of the earphone, such as "Low battery", and etc. 3. Telescopic earphone line and collar clip, more convenient to answer the phone while driving. 4. It support power display for IOS phone and parts of Android phones. 5. It support simultaneous connection with two Bluetooth devices.
14.99 JOD

ASPOR-A602 Bluetooth Wireless Ear

ASPOR Wireless Bluetooth Headset ASPOR Wireless Bluetooth Headset, Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphone V4.1 Earpiece with Mic for Workout, Running, Gym, Noise Canceling Wireless Earbuds Compatible with Smartphones Cell Phones. Features: BLUETOOTH 4.1 HEADSET: Compared to Bluetooth 4.0, the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology features faster & stable signal transmission, clearer sound quality and lower power consumption. Long Talkingtime and Standby: Up to 15 hours of continuous talking / music time and up to170hours of standby with a single charge ,. Wherever your day takes you, the bluetooth headphone keeps you enjoy your music Clarity voice for talking and listening: Built-in HD Microphone, ensure you enjoy the Music Sound, and Super clear voice For talking. Connect two phones: A drag two functions, the first pair of connected to the first mobile phone, and then turn off the headset new entry match, with second mobile phone connection pairing finished in the first one phone.Bluetooth settings inside the click on the headset, the headset will also connect two mobile phone It supports all the Bluetooth devices, such as laptops, Smart phones, including Notebook, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Samsung, LG, HuaWei, Motorola and Complete Control on Headphones With buttons on headphones, you canplay / pause music, adjust volume, skip tracks, answer / end calls. Comfortable Wearing Ergonomic ear hooks keep the headphonessecurely in position while you exercise.Comfortable and secure fit even whenyou’re exercising. Long Play Time Up to 15 hours of continuous talking / music time and up to170hours of standby with a single charge ,. Wherever yourday takes you, the bluetooth headphone keeps you enjoy your music Specifications: Bluetooth version: 4.1 Standby time: about 170 hours Transmission distance: 10M Charging voltage: DC 5V Talk time: about 15 hours Battery capacity: 170mAh Charging time: about 2 hours User Tips: Headset built-in rechargeable battery, before using theheadset for the first time, we recommend first the headset is fullycharged.When charged, the indicator light is red, the battery is full when thered the color indicator will be converted to blue long .
16.99 JOD


لعشاق الشحن السريع الـ KING KP XL راحتك بتهمنا وعشان هيك جبنالك الباوربانك KING KP System XL بقوة 10000 ميلي أمبير ومزود بشاشة رقمية ومدخل من نوع Type C لشحن الأجهزة الحديثة عن طريق كيبل مباشر ومدخل من نوع USB للشحن بقوة 2.1 أمبير للأجهزة العادية و 3.0 أمبير بخاصية Qualcomm للأجهزة التي تدعم الشحن السريع مع إعطاء إشعار بكلمة Fast على شاشة الباور بانك وإشعار بالهاتف عند بدء عملية الشحن .
18.99 JOD

Remax RB-S10

Remax RB-S10 Waterproof Bluetooth Sports Earphone Product Description: Brand Name: Remax Model Number:RB-S10 Style: In-Ear Color: Black Type: Sports Bluetooth Version: 4.1 Operation Range: 10m Music Time: 7 hours Talk time: 9 hours Charging Time:2 hours Weight: 0.013 kg
24.99 JOD

Remax Radio Series Power Bank 20.000 mAh - RPP-102

بور بانك REMAX 102 مداخل عدد 4 بيشحن تلفونك من 5 الى 6 مرات Remax Radio Series Power Bank 20.000 mAh - RPP-102 - Supper powerfull and high end Battery Cell - Ellegant and special design - Circuit protections - Over discharge and overchage protection - Smart Power output - Input DC5V/2A - Output: 4x USB DC5V/2.4A - Capacity: Real 20.000 mAh / 74Wh
21.99 JOD